AllUnwound Lantana, geraniums, grey, spiky grass in planter
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A New Beginning

AllUnwound Lantana, geraniums, grey, spiky grass in planter

Life is simply a series of new beginnings. I am beginning anew with this blog.

I haven’t reread any of my previous posts so I don’t know if there will be any continuity between this post and my previous posts. For the lead photo I reposted a pretty spring flowerpot arrangement that has “Finished!” as the subtitle. Sometimes things that seem finished begin again.

Why am I beginning again?  Because of a notice from Pinterest. Everyone now knows what Pinterest is, right? Sure some people think it’s just a web site for party planning. In reality it is far more useful. I view it as a French memo board, I even wrote a blog post explaining that, Pinterest the Basics. How quaint that there was a point in time that Pinterest needed to be explained!

The gist of the notice is that Pinterest would like anyone using their site for business to upgrade their account to a business account. Seems pretty straight forward. Am I using Pinterest for my business? I’m really not sure.  I signed up with my business name All Unwound. I have a board with some of my hand knit items on it. I sell these items on Etsy. Sounds like a business account right?

But, I don’t use it like a business account, and maybe I should.  I don’t remember the last time I posted one of my own hand knit items on Pinterest. I haven’t made any sales or business contacts through Pinterest. The overwhelming amount of my time spent on Pinterest is for personal relaxation.  I find it relaxing to scroll through photos of things I’m interested in and group like items together. My  Pinterest boards are quite varied, see what I mean at Pinterest All Unwound.  Being a visual person I really like to see things laid out in images, whether that’s shoes, jewelry or hand knit scarves.

However, I do have links on my Pinterest account to this blog and my Etsy site, AllUnwound. So I’m going to convert my account to a business account, right after I post this blog entry. Because linking to an inactive blog seems pretty pointless.

Now that I’ve reactivated this blog am I going to be using it to promote my business? I’m really not sure. This is a new beginning and some of the old things may be left behind.

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