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Traveling with needles

All Unwound Blue vase with knitting needles in it.


knitting details

I love the colors and textures of fiber!

I’m a fan of almost all colors, if I can find the right shade.

Texture is important too. Sometimes it comes from the yarn, and sometimes from the knitting stitches.

I’ve knit everything from washcloths to adult sweaters with cables.

I enjoy knitting but often think about future projects before finishing my current project. Yes that can lead to UnFinished Objects (UFOs)!!

Be inspired to relax while  knitting, try new patterns, and explore new places.

Join me and relax a while! 

We don’t do drama or politics here!  We respect others and their rights! If you are interested in debate or sowing division this isn’t the site for you!

future plans

Travel and knitting patterns, of course!!

Patterns, that’s the big news! I have designed many patterns over the years and soon I’ll be sharing them with you!

Are you as excited as I am to get back to traveling?

Due to the global pandemic we haven’t traveled this year. 

Check out my blog I’m posting some of my previous travels and the yarn I’ve brought home!

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