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Banners, Blog Headers and Facebook Cover Photos

My Etsy site, AllUnwound has a Banner.  Banner’s in Etsy are really just a long rectangle at the top of each shop page that can be filled any way you’d like.  Esty has some standard free Banners you can load up for your shop.  You can purchase a standard or custom Banner from a graphic designer.  You can create your own drawing and use that, or you can use a photo of your own.  I view my Etsy Banner as a way to brand my shop.  You know you’ve entered my shop as soon as you see my Banner.  Each and every page in my shop has my Banner at the top of it.  Click on the “Hats, Hand Knit Section” and you’ll be able to view all of my hats, and my Banner will still be at the top of the page.

A smaller version of the Banner in my Etsy shop


My blog, Artisan All Unwound, has a Header at the top of each page.  It works the same way a Banner does on Etsy.  I use the same photo for my blog Header that I do for my Etsy Banner, so you know that you’ve gotten to my site. My image is consistent across different Internet platforms.  The photo I’m using is one I took myself and it shows my Hand Spun Yarn and my Hand Knitting.  It’s a quick visual reminder of what I do.  Most businesses pick a logo and stick with it so that customers have a quick visual reference for the company.

All Unwound’s Avatar shows both a Hand Knit item and Hand Spun Yarn

I also use my Banner and Header photo as my Avatar on Etsy ( see it under “Shop Owner”) , Flickr, Pinterest, WordPress, and on Facebook (FB calls it a Profile Picture).  If you’ve ever used online forums or Facebook you know how common it is to associate the person and everything you know about them with their Avatar.  If they change their Avatar it’s unsettling.  You suddenly don’t know who you’re talking to!  If you use the same image across different Internet platforms, you are recognizable.  You have branded yourself or your business.  Of course I put this photo on my business cards too!

All Unwound’s business cards.   The strip of paper is covering information on purpose!

I’ve recently been “timelined” on Facebook.  Like most people I’m not a fan of change. 😉  I liked the old look of my page.  One thing I do like about the new Facebook format is the Cover Photo.  It’s the same shape as a Banner (Etsy) or Header (WordPress).  The Cover Photo is in addition to the Avatar/Profile Picture.  The Avatar/Profile Picture is inset into the bottom left of the Cover Photo.  This format allows me to use a different photo as the Cover Photo and  change it up regularly, while keeping my brand consistent.  That’s cool!  When you select a photo for your Cover Photo the interesting parts of the photo need to be rectangular and to the right in the photo.  The first photo I tried had the subject centered and the interesting parts were vertical.  Even though it’s an interesting photo, it didn’t work as a Cover Photo.

I’ve gotten some luscious new yarns and plan to update my Cover Photo soon.  How do you like the new Cover Photo option in Facebook?  Do you have an Avatar/Profile Photo or Logo you use across different Internet sites?

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  1. Looks great! I too use the same banner for my shop as I do my blog. And I use the same image for my business cards, new earring cards, magnets cards, etc. Anywhere I use packaging, I use my branding as well.

    1. Thanks! Good to know that you are doing this too. And packaging is another important area for branding.

  2. Avatar Paige @ Little Nostalgia says:

    I have different images/avatars for my two shops and my blog, but that’s because none of them have exactly the same content. One shop is named Little White Chapel, the other is Oh Nostalgia, and my blog is Little Nostalgia. So it all fits as far as the names go, but sometimes I do wonder about the pictures. I’ve kept them the same from the beginning, though, so I guess that helps! 🙂

    1. If you have two shops you’re going after two different target markets, so I think having 2 Avatars works. Do you think of your blog as the parent company? I’m wondering what’s on your business cards and Facebook. I’ll go check!

      ETA After checking: I don’t see a link anywhere to FB. And I don’t have one of your business cards. I do like the “About” page of your Oh Nostalgia shop though I think it pulls both shops together.

  3. I should probably be more consistent with my banner in my shop and on my blog. Also, I’ve never even joined facebook! Everyone is always complaining about facebook though, and people don’t seem to use it as much as they used to. So I guess I’m undecided if I should bother with it at this point. I guess any site that is potential marketing is good, but do you get a lot of traffic from your facebook page? Do you think it’s worth the time it takes to maintain yet another social media site?

    1. I do get traffic to my Etsy shop from my FB page. You have to decide how many social networking sites you want to maintain. I don’t have twitter or myspace, I picked FB over them. It’s really about balancing your time and energy. What sites do you use, other than your blog?

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