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Fan or Friend on Facebook

Metal Fan not Facebook Friend

Do you belong to Facebook?  If so you are probably both a Fan and a Friend.  Over 800 million people are active users of Facebook. according to Pew Research Facebook stats .  The average Facebook user has 130 Friends.  A Friend has access to all of your wall posts, your Friend list, your profile information, and all of your photos.  Unless you’ve made them private, and what’s the point of a Facebook page that you don’t let your Friends look at?

I have only Friended people on Facebook  that I’ve met and formed a relationship with in real life.  I’m comfortable with them looking at all my personal photos and comments without giving it a second thought.  Other people are much more open with their information and have Friends they’ve never even met on their Facebook page.

Have you noticed that some shops and stores have Facebook sites?  It’s a great way to get the word out about your business and show people your latest products.  I’d love to FAN my favorite ice cream store, but they don’t have a FAN page.  They have a regular Facebook page; if I want to show that I like them I have to become their Friend.  Really now!?  I don’t want them to have the same access to my Facebook page that my Friends do.  Especially since the Facebook site administrator for a store or shop could change at any time.

There is the option of putting Business Friends into a separate Friend group and limiting their access to your personal Facebook page.  Facebook often changes privacy settings, so putting a Business Friend into a restricted Friend group may not be a long term solution.  If you have a business and want to have a Facebook presence I strongly encourage you to set up a FAN page.

That’s what I’ve done with my shop, All Unwound. I’ve created a FAN page.  When you FAN my page you won’t be allowing me to look at all of your personal photos and posts.  That type of information will be kept to your Friends.  So please check out All Unwound’s FAN page and become a FAN.  To FAN my page please click on the Facebook Like button on the right side of this blog.

Or click All Unwound’s FAN Page.

Once All Unwound’s FAN Page has 25 likes Facebook will allow me to change the URL to something memorable and simple.  Thanks for helping me do this!

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  1. Avatar April Starr says:

    Congrats on your new page! I hope it goes well for you! And thanks for your comment on my blog 🙂

  2. Thanks! I am getting used to Facebook. It’s format is so condensed compared to a blog.

  3. I’ve been on facebook for a couple years but the whole thing about the fan page confuses me. I have one but I still can’t figure out how to make it work to my advantage.

    1. I think having a FAN page is good. The advantage that I see is that it boosts your Shop’s Internet presence. It increases the number of pages and links about your shop. That increases the chance that someone will search and find your shop. Of course the tricky part is that you have to be writing about things that your target audience is interested in. And using the words/terms that they do for those things. This certainly is a learning experience!

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