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Farmer’s Markets and Recipes in Waiting

Strawberries make a wonderful dessert

All this talk of yellow tomatoes and feral roosters has me thinking about food.  And that makes me think of farmer’s markets.

This site tracks farmer’s markets in the US; Agricultural Marketing Service.  Plug in your zip code and the number of miles you’re willing to drive and it will list all of the local farmer’s markets.  You’re bound to find some fresh veggies, fruit and maybe some new and different foods to try.  We bought a dip mix at the most recent farmer’s market we went to.

During the average Fall and Winter I usually try one new recipe a week.  I’ve got thousands of recipes on my bookcase waiting to be tried.  I guess they are “Recipes in Waiting.” Tonight’s Beef Enchiladas are one of those recipes.  I only search for new recipes when I have things in the fridge and freezer that I’d like to use up.  If you buy too much at the Farmer’s Market you may have extras to use up too!  Searching for a recipe led me to the recipe blog, Avocado Pesto. I’ve made one of her recipes and it was quick easy and tasty.  Check out her blog!

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