AllUnwound Glass Jar storing Multicolored Yarn
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Flaunt it! Show off that Yarn!

AllUnwound Yarn and wooden knitting needles in basket on grass
Yarn and wooden knitting needles being shown off  in a basket.

Have lots of yarn? There’s that old phrase, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” I have many lovely yarns waiting for the perfect project to come along. Lots of bright colors, fun textures and different fibers make up my yarn collection. I bet you have a great collection too. Let’s show off that yarn!

Until we get it on our needles we have to store it. Sometimes it has to wait a long time before the perfect project comes along! Sealed plastic tubs are the modern equivalent of cedar chests. If bugs and moths are active in your part of the world, be sure to throw some cedar blocks into the tubs. Most shops carry those in their laundry or closet section. This method works best if you have extra closet space. It’s practical but doesn’t show off your yarn.

Another option is to make your yarn collection part of your home decor. No reason it can’t look pretty and have a purpose! So, let’s talk about some ways to show our yarn off and store it. It’s time to move beyond plastic tubs.

AllUnwound Glass Jar storing Multicolored Yarn
Glass jar storing multicolored sock yarn.

Three Ways to Show Off that Yarn!

  1. Use Ravelry’s Stash Section. This section is in your Notebook. Take photos of each different skein of yarn and upload them. Note how many skeins you have of that color and blend. Be sure to check off if you’re open to sell or trade. Fill in that note about where it’s stored. If you can’t find it, it’s hard to knit with! Yup I’m still missing a skein somewhere in my house!
  2. Clear Glass Jars. These look pretty when filled with yarn. I store my leftover sock yarn in a jar. This option looks great in small spaces where your storage needs to be both cute and decorative.
  3. Baskets full of yarn are a throwback to the 1960s and 1970s. If you can blend this vintage vibe with your decorating style, go for it! Watch out for bugs and moths though. In my baskets all but the top skeins are sealed in plastic bags. The tops skeins are the ones I plan on using soon.


KNIT TIP! Don’t wind your skeins or hanks of yarn until you are ready to use them. The winding process stretches the yarn a bit and if you leave it sitting for a long time, it can affect the look of your knitting.


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