All Unwound Blue vase with knitting needles in it.
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Focus and Motivation During a Global Pandemic

How’s everyone doing? We’re dealing with a global pandemic that has gone on for over six months. We’ve had our routines disrupted, and most of us were forced to take on new responsibilities. Many days I find it hard to be focused and motivated. What about you? Knitted triangle from a center cast on in green yarn
A triangle shape from a center cast on


Knitting is an excellent way to create a sense of calm and focus in this topsy-turvy world! I’ve been learning new shaping techniques, it’s very satisfying to watch the material move and create new shapes as I knit. What creative outlet helps you focus?



Living in a constant state of emergency can wipe out our self motivation. Normally, when self motivation is low, an outside motivator can provide the push we need. For instance, company coming to dinner helps motivate me to get my house clean. We are not living in normal times, most outside motivators have been canceled! So my house isn’t clean, what about yours?

All Unwound Blue vase with knitting needles in it.

Who are those people with perfectly clean homes that are cooking fancy dinners? The media is filled with stories of people using this time to accomplish extraordinary things. Don’t compare yourself to them! Instead find the focus and self motivation that can give you a feeling of control and satisfaction. Knitted center cast on crescent shape green yarn
A crescent shape from a center cast on

Ways to increase focus and motivation

  1. Focus on something simple that you can control. Sit down and knit for 30 minutes a day. Or take a short daily walk outside. You owe it to yourself to find calm in the midst of this stressful time. 
  2. Cut yourself some slack! Most of us are struggling to adapt. Don’t try to compete with the beautifully stylized social media photos of the few overachievers.
  3. Limit your viewing of the news and social media sites that promote competition and stir up negative emotions. 
  4. Do one thing you’ve been putting off that you enjoy. Sit outside with your favorite beverage. Buy a new knitting pattern that you’re excited about trying. Order that yarn you’ve been thinking about.

Exploring Motivation and Control


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