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Hand Knit Wool Sock Weather Returns! hand knit orange sockWe had a stretch of unusually warm weather for a couple of weeks. Happily this week the cooler weather has returned. Now it’s cool enough to wear hand knit wool socks again.

This is one of my favorite pair. I purchased the yarn from this indie dyer,  LolaDoodles. Sadly she no longer sells on Etsy. She was easy to communicate with. It’s the “classic sock” blend.  I knit these socks using the pattern Emily’s Atmosphere Socks. I found it on the crochet and knitting site Ravelry.

Normally I don’t wear my hand knit socks with my sneakers, wearing exercise socks with them instead.  Tonight I’m going to be walking outside just to get from place to place, if you can imagine that! So hand knit socks will keep me warm and comfortable. I also plan to wear a hat and a cowl of my own design.

What hand knits are you wearing around town this week?


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