Skein of gray cake of blue and ball of purple yarn in wooden bowl
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Keep Knitting Relaxing!

Skein of gray cake of blue and ball of purple yarn in wooden bowl

Knitting is an excellent way to relax after dealing with all of the difficult situations of modern life. It’s a hobby that impacts your mental and physical health in a positive way. Make choices that allow your knitting to be relaxing. 

Tips to keep your knitting relaxing!

  • Pick the right pattern
  • Invest in high quality knitting tools
  • Buy quality yarn that you will enjoy working with and wearing


Pick the right pattern!

So many patterns are available. Everything from hats and socks, to messenger bags. If you are a beginner pick a simple pattern that’s geared to beginning knitters. Check out the ratings of patterns on Ravelry or with your local yarn shop. Ravelry is an online community of knitters and crocheters with many details about patterns and yarns. Go to the page for the pattern. In the “About the Pattern” box people that have knit it give it an “Average Difficulty Rating.” Consider this before you buy the pattern. Once you’ve finished a knitting project (or two!) try something new. The goal is to keep knitting relaxing, and enjoy using your projects.

Give some thought to how your knit item will be used, and who will use it. Knitting 100% wool hiking socks may not be a good fit if you live in southern Texas. Unless you are gifting them to a friend in a cooler climate or you are planning a hiking trip to Scotland. Think about your enjoyment level. What’s going on in your life right now? Maybe you have the knitting skills to tackle a complex project but your daily life is so hectic that a simple project would be the better choice. 

Knitting tools; scissors, measuring tape, stitch markers, double pointed bamboo needles and tapestry needle
Knitting tools; scissors, measuring tape, stitch markers, double pointed bamboo needles and tapestry needle

Invest in high quality knitting tools!

Don’t skimp on the needles. Do consider your skill and experience level. If you’re a new knitter you will probably appreciate the way bamboo needles grip the yarn a bit. As you gain knitting experience you may prefer metal needles that allow the yarn to quickly glide across the needles. Be sure to read over the pattern section, “Supplies,” and buy the items you’ll need to finish the pattern. Having all the items you need when you sit down to knit will make this a relaxing project. Your local yarn shop will be glad to help you with this! light and dark blue yarn with vintage blue Fiesta mug
A cotton linen blend and a merino yarn with a vintage Fiesta mug.

Buy quality yarn!

Think about more than beautiful color or cool texture when picking out your yarn. Sometimes great texture comes with fibers that need special treatment, such as hand washing. If you’re making a baby item I suggest looking for a yarn that’s easy to wash and dry. There are some lovely easy care yarns available. What yarn’s made of matters! Spend some money on quality yarn, you’ll be knitting this project for a week or longer, and you want it to be relaxing. You also want it to be enjoyable to wear. Buying a quality yarn is worth it! 

It’s all about knitting to relax and unwind from the demands of your daily life. Follow these steps to keep knitting relaxing. Show off your projects in the comment section, or tag me on Instagram, #AllUnwound.


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