Wooden bowl with 7 balls of Caravan yarn in blue
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Knitting With Caravan by Diamond Luxury Yarns – A Review

Caravan by Diamond Luxury Yarns, color number 11, a yarn I’ve never knit with before. Knitting with a new yarn can be a fun or disappointing experience. One of my favorite yarn stores, YARN Texas, was having a sale. A sale is always a great time to try something new. Lately I’ve been buying yarn blends that I hope will wear well in hot humid climates. I’d like to expand both my hand knit collection and the number of months I can wear them! Caravan is the most recent of my hopeful buys. hand knit twisted ribbing faux side seam in blue yarn
Hand knit twisted ribbing faux side seam in Caravan number 11.

Fiber Content

Caravan yarn is 40% linen, 32% cotton, 18% nettle fiber, and 10% silk. Yup you read that right, nettle fiber! This is a real experiment for me. 

How It Feels

It feels good while knitting with it. Every once in a while there is a stiff bit in the yarn, but it’s not scratchy.

How It Looks

I like the fabric that size 3 US (3.25 mm) needles make in stockinette stitch. 

How It’s Spun

It’s spun thick and thin and then three ply are loosely spun together. This results in some small sections that look more like roving than yarn. The yarn is thin, it’s not like the large puffy roving you may have seen before. It’s very subtle. This gives stockinette stitch a noticeable texture.

How Durable It Is

I’ve ripped back a row and a half and reknit without any issues. When you pull out the needles the stitches hold their shape. Not as well as wool though.

How It Felts 

Animal fibers felt very well, there aren’t any animal fibers in this yarn. Silk is from a worm and doesn’t felt. Wooden bowl with 7 balls of Caravan yarn in blue
Caravan yarn in blue, colorway #11

Where To Find It

Diamond Luxury Yarns  is a Canadian yarn distributor. Check out all their colors and then ask your local yarn shop to order some Caravan for you.

Review Wrap Up

Knitting with Caravan has been enjoyable. I like the feel of the yarn as I knit with it. It doesn’t dry out my hands the way 100% cotton does. The stockinette fabric has a very nice drape and feel. The twisted ribbing shows more definition than I expected. Linen tends to soften and drape once washed. I can’t wait to see how this yarn blend washes and wears in a sweater over the next couple of years!

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