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Many years ago I knew a lady that had an expensive leather purse that matched each of her many pairs of shoes.  She never left the house with a black purse and brown shoes.  In fact if she was wearing brown shoes with tassels she had a brown purse with tassels to match!  Are you a person that needs to have their accessories match?

This long pom pom scarf has shades of blue from navy to very pale blue

I am not a matchy matchy person.  I do like to coordinate items though.  If you read my shop listings carefully you’ll see that I point out when a hat or a scarf or gloves coordinate with something else in the shop.  For example in the description of the long Pom Pom Scarf on the left I provide the link to a hat that coordinates with it.

The hat is a solid colored light blue hat in a smooth stockinette stitch with a rolled brim.  The scarf is all bumpy and puffy but the light blue in it really looks nice with the light blue of the hat.  Putting the two together shows off the colors and textures in both items.

If you check out the rest of my shop listings, you’ll see that the items I list as coordinating usually don’t match exactly.  Maybe the same yarn was used but different knitting stitches, or different yarns were used but the colors go together.  A hat and scarf and gloves in the same yarn in the same color with the same knitting stitches would all match, rather than just coordinate.

Personally I find that coordinating my accessories gives me a crisper pulled together look,  but I do realize that it’s a more casual look than if they matched.  What about you?  Do you prefer the matchy matchy look or the coordinated look or do you wear items of different colors and patterns and material all at the same time?  A few people can get away with looking chic and pulled together while wearing a riot of different colors and patterns.

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  1. I roomed with a girl in college that insisted that your belt and shoes had to match, as well as your shirt and shoes had to “go”. I was an art major for Pete’s sake! Lol, she drove me mad.

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