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New Business Cards Lead to Blogging new business card
All Unwound’s business cards.   The strip of paper is covering information on purpose!

I’ve been selling my hand knit items at for years. This is the year that I’m going to start selling my knitting patterns. Why did I wait so long to do this? Life got in the way.  Check out Tips for Visiting Friends and Family in the Hospital to see where it all started.

I’ve spent years untangling quite a few loose ends and trying to weave them into my life.  It’s as if I’ve knit a long multi color scarf out of a thousand different balls of yarn. Now that some of the loose ends are taken care of, I’m ready to focus on my business again.

Shifting my business focus and including knitting patterns meant it was time for new business cards.  I was so excited and started passing them out right away. Today I posted about this on AllUnwound’s Facebook page. When I looked at it what did I notice right away? My new business cards have this blog address prominently displayed. A blog that I haven’t been posting on. A blog that I was feeling very ambivalent about. Covered that here. Obviously my subconscious mind has decided that I’m going to continue blogging. No other explanation for putting Artisan All Unwound’s blog address in a prominent location on my new business cards.

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