gray variegated hand knit glove on 4 double pointed wood needles
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On My Knitting Needles; Custom Fingerless Gloves

Custom fingerless gloves take shape!

I’ve been knitting a lot of custom items lately. I’m pleased to do it because the customer ends up with exactly what they’re looking for. Fingerless gloves are the custom item I’m knitting today.

As you can see I’m knitting with four needles.  Gloves are small enough that they have to be knit with double pointed needles.  So even though the gloves are knit in the round, most circular needles have too large a circle to be used. Update and Knit Tip! There are now 9 inch circular needles that some people use for socks and gloves. Try both ways and see what works for you.

Knitting with multiple needles is fun and I often find people staring at my knitting when I’m knitting in public.  It is mesmerizing to watch the glove take shape.  These fingerless gloves are hand knit from a yarn that is a Merino Alpaca blend.  It is undyed.  The colors you see are made by blending the fibers from animals with different colored fiber.

See all the needles!

I will be able to take on more custom items starting in January 2013.  If you’d like one of my hand knit items prior to that, check out my Etsy shop.  Most of the items listed are finished and ready to ship.

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  1. That looks great! Whenever I crochet in public people are always asking me what I am making and staring.

  2. Oh, my goodness! I am not coordinated enough to knit with just 2 needles!! Amazing.

  3. This time of year I’ve always got projects in my purse, too. That fiber is lovely!

  4. Whoa! Those look so cool! I’m impressed at your mad skills. 🙂

  5. Oh you ARE a rare talent! I applaud you for taking custom orders (some artists don’t…it “comporomises their integrity”)…I do love the lovely grey you are working with – very pretty while still chic and urban. Thanks for showing us your progress!

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