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On My Knitting Needles; The Incredible Shrinking Scarf

Wonderful textures and yarn colors

I’ve been knitting this scarf for weeks.  Every time I measure it, it seems to be just a few inches too short!  So I am calling it an incredible shrinking scarf.  It stretches out if you hold the scarf up to measure.  That makes me think I’m almost finished!  When I lay it flat on a table and measure my progress is very slow!

The yarn is called Pastiche which means a little of this and a little of that.  It has Nylon, Cotton, Lame and some Metallic yarn in it.  In some places it’s thick and puffy and in others it’s thin.  It even has spots where the yarn twists over onto itself.  This creates a highly textured scarf with tremendous visual interest.  I’ve tried to show this in my photos!  Click on them for a closer look.

It is almost finished!

This scarf also has color variations.  It’s light blue, dark blue, turquoise blue, white, gold, and silver.  Perfect for those who want something that matches most of their wardrobe!  Once I’ve finished knitting the Pastiche scarf I will post it for sale.  Check for it in All Unwound’s Etsy shop.

It’s a perfect choice for adding a dash of color to your wardrobe!

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  1. Avatar Duni Buesken (@PeriDotbyDuni) says:

    The yarn looks gorgeous! Funny how your scarf seems to be shrinking 😉
    I’ve been working on a knit tie for a-g-e-s. I hope to finish it by summer!

  2. Thanks. It is a gorgeous yarn and knits into a gorgeous scarf. Unfortunately, it stretches out and gives me “false hope” about it’s true length.

  3. Very lovely colors!!! I wish I could knit…!

  4. The colors and the textures are wonderful! If I wore this scarf, I spend a lot of time playing with it.

  5. It’s beautiful! I love the pretty, bright color.

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