Twisted stitch ribbing on the Rift Tee
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On My Knitting Needles; The Rift Tee in Caravan Yarn

What’s on my knitting needles? The Rift Tee by Jacqueline Cieslak in Caravan by Diamond Luxury Yarns. This is color #11 and is a faded denim in the shade and a brighter blue in sunlight. It’s going to match almost everything in my wardrobe. I can’t wait to wear it!

Twisted stitch ribbing on the Rift Tee
Twisted stitch ribbing on the Rift Tee 


The Rift Tee is a size inclusive pattern and the sizes range from 40 to 72 inches around. It includes multiple sleeve and neck options too. Don’t be scared by the number of pages (10) in the pattern. Now that’s a really long knitting pattern! But it’s clearly divided into sections. You’ll only need the sections that you choose to knit.

There are advanced construction techniques used. This pattern is for an intermediate and above knitter. Newer knitters will probably like learning these construction techniques on a smaller project. But if you’re adventurous and determined go for it! 


Rift Tee showing the split hem and faux side seam both in twisted ribbing
Rift Tee showing the split hem and faux side seam both in twisted ribbing 

Pattern Specific Comments

The Rift Tee is designed with a boxy oversized fit. If you don’t like that look, select a smaller size or thinner yarn for a different look. Some of the construction techniques are new and different. Jacqueline Cieslak uses Underarm Tabs and German Short Rows. The pattern has links to videos that explain theses techniques. I love using German Short Rows, once you understand them they make perfect sense. 

AllUnwound Rift Tee displayed with V neck and sleeves finished
Finished the V neck and sleeves

Most knitters have found the Rift Tee to be a quick project. I picked a finer yarn and smaller needles than the pattern suggests. I don’t plan on wearing this as a second layer, so I wanted a denser fabric. It’s my own fault that the Rift Tee is taking me so long to knit! But I’m loving the drape and look of the fabric.

For this pattern ROW gauge matters.

KNIT TIP! Pick your pattern before your yarn. Your gauge will be close to the pattern, and you won’t have to make many changes.

Quick Overview and Buying The Rift Tee

This has been a fun knit. Details matter, and this pattern has lots of details! I really like the look of the twisted ribbing in the split hem. It does take longer though. At the beginning of the sweater it travels well. Once you split for the sleeves it doesn’t. At that point you’ve got multiple sections of live stitches, plus the section you’re knitting. 

Jacqueline Cieslak has written several size inclusive patterns.  The Rift Tee pattern can be purchased on Ravelry.

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