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Pasta Meatballs and Zucchinni

Are your pantry and freezer well stocked? If so you already have most of the ingredients for this recipe. I always have pasta and a jar of spaghetti sauce in my pantry, and I buy raw Zucchini every week because we really like it. 🙂   Zucchini are the green squash that you see in the grocery store near the yellow squash.  I also usually have meatballs in my freezer.

Bubbling away in a large pot, my recipe Pasta Meatballs and Zucchini.

This recipe was born out of my desire to have fewer pots and pans to wash.  It uses one large pot, a heat resistant spoon, a cutting board and one knife.  Normally when I make spaghetti I have the large pot, a second pot that I cook the pasta in and a colander.  I usually serve salad with pasta and use the colander first for the salad and then for the pasta.  Tonight I was lazy and counted the zucchini as our vegetable!



1 jar of spaghetti sauce (24 oz) or homemade sauce
1 jar of water, simply fill the jar of sauce with water, additional water as needed
4 servings of pasta, I used spaghetti
4 servings of meatballs, frozen
2 medium zucchini


Pour spaghetti sauce into a large pot then stir in water. Heat on high till the mixture boils. Add in pasta and stir.  ***Yes we are cooking the pasta in the water/spaghetti mixture!***  Bring back to a bubbling boil. Reduce heat if it boils too energetically, we are not trying to get pasta sauce all over your stove! 😉

Add meatballs to boiling sauce and pasta. If you are using freshly made unfrozen meatballs add them in at the end instead of at this point. Wash and slice Zucchini and add it to the pot. As this mixture cooks stir occasionally. Cook for approximately 20 minutes, uncovered, till pasta is done and everything is thoroughly heated. If you are very precise check the temperature with a food thermometer to be sure it’s hot enough.

Enjoy your meal and the speedy clean up! And don’t forget to promptly refrigerate all leftovers.

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  1. Looks tasty! I love that it uses one pot and items I have on hand 🙂

    1. Thanks. I hope you like it, it’s quick and easy with a speedy clean up.

  2. Avatar Paige @ Little Nostalgia says:

    This. Sounds. Amazing. I like anything that only requires one pot!

  3. I am so happy to see this post! My kids would make fun of me for putting zucchini in my spaghetti sauce. I also put in in my tacos to cut down on the meat I use. I just love zucchini!

  4. Avatar Sweet Fix @ Maria Corcuera says:

    Wow!! love pasta! I’ll have to try this!

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