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Photo Finish

AllUnwound Seaside Spa Facecloths in green and ecru rolled up on a table
AllUnwound’s Seaside Spa Facecloths in green and ecru 

Selling things online requires excellent clear photos.  I’ve read this on several ETSY business sites.  I experienced this yesterday while looking online for a certain stamp set.  Photos that were mostly camera flash reflection didn’t get a second glance.  Dark photos obscured the details of the sale item, so I kept looking.  Photos that clearly showed the stamps in the set got my attention.

These photos also had backgrounds that didn’t distract.  It’s not a good thing when the background draws attention away from the item being sold.

ETSY  sellers that have only one photo of an item posted risk not showing me what I want to see.  I checked their text for more info, but I bet a lot of buyers don’t bother.  It’s not worth the time to convo them when other sellers have more photos and more details in their posts.

My mission these next two weeks will be to clearly and accurately photograph the items I’m going to sell in my ETSY store.  I’ll be paying attention to lighting and backgrounds.  It may take 5 or more photos to get one good photo.  Then I’ll need to take more photos since ETSY experts say to use 5 photos of each sale item.  That’s a lot of photos!!  Guess I should go buy more batteries for my camera before I even try to take that first photo.  🙂

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