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Pigtastic Key Chains

There are 38,180 key chains listed on ETSY. Some of those listings are lanyards or retractable ID holders or charms. I know this because I looked through all of them while trying to decide on hardware for my knit key chains. I wanted to use a grommet to make a hole for the key chain but didn’t want “the third eye” effect it would give my animal.

I didn’t want a knitted loop, that would change the outline of the key chain. Seriously distorted shapes are not what I’m after. Yup, saw some of those! 🙂 Some crafters use a cell phone charm string, looping the loop thru the charm and connecting the metal to the one inch split jump ring. That seems a bit forced, it doesn’t look like a key chain to me. I’m avoiding standard jump rings because I think they can open too easily. Who knew I could be so picky!

I decided to use a ball chain and link that through the split ring key holder. Hardly anyone on ETSY does it that way. Now I know why. The supplies just aren’t out there locally. Lowes and Home Depot do NOT sell ball chain by the foot in their stores. The packaged ball chain they do have is for ceiling fans and too wide for key chains. This is a quick project for someone, no time to order supplies.

The person I’m doing the project for gave me some input. Then I tweaked it a bit more. I’ve knit small split rings into the pig and put a lanyard hook through that and attached it to a one inch split ring. That’s what the circle that holds keys is called.

What do you all think? For future key chains I may search out thinner ball chain. In the meantime I’m going to give my pigs some eyes. 🙂

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