AllUnwound social distancing blue chair in empty parking lot
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Promoting Healing while Social Distancing

AllUnwound social distancing to the extreme, sitting outside in a blue chair in an empty parking lot.
AllUnwound social distancing to the extreme, sitting outside in a blue chair in an empty parking lot.

2020. It’s been a surreal year. Almost everyone’s plans for the year have been upset. Sadly it’s been a year where many people have lost their lives due to the Covid 19 virus and violence.

The entire world has been turned upside down. Social distancing is the new norm! This may go on for months, or even into 2021. Creative outlets, like knitting, are an important way to keep people grounded and to help them relax. The New York Times agrees! Yet we still see the tremendous need and suffering  going on throughout the world. For many of us it’s caused much soul searching. 

The Need for Healing

As the global pandemic continues it’s obvious that the world needs healing. Has this changed your focus and caused you to think more often about others and their needs? It has for me. Maybe you’ve decided that you want to help the world heal from these pandemics. A willingness to care for others is part of the basic foundational fabric of society.

Donations can have an impact

I know several people that are donating their crafting skills to make masks for front line workers. If you have the skills and time to do this it’s a great way to make a difference. That’s just one way to help. Donating food is another. Food pantries have had unprecedented demands placed on them. So many people are unemployed. If you’d like to donate, check with your local food pantry to see what they need.

Donations of time or money can also help those on the front lines. Please consider donating to an organized charity that has systems already in place to make sure that aid reaches those who are in need.

There are organizations that rank charities. Forbes magazine shares charity watchdogs that take into account the impact the charity has. Since we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, impact matters.


We don’t do drama or politics here! This is a haven from drama and politics. We respect others and their rights. This is a place to stay grounded and relax a bit. For our health we need to stop, and take time for self-care. What creative outlet are you using to remain grounded in the middle of this topsy-turvy world?

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