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Reframing Reality

Reframing Events by Artisan All Unwound
Reframing Events, a photo by Artisan All Unwound on Flickr.

When we have an experience we categorize it as positive or negative.  Strong emotions help us remember an event or experience. Those that are neutral are promptly forgotten. They are relegated to that part of our brain that remembers where our car keys are. 😉

Unfortunately strong negative emotions can ruin our day or our week. It’s simply more fun to live a life filled with positive experiences.  Can we take a negative experience and by viewing it from a different angle or perspective make it positive or neutral? Our view of reality is categorizing it as negative.

What if we go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom and spend a lot of money for our tickets and it drizzles all day. We parents can choose to view it negatively “cause we wasted all that money.”  But the kids have a fabulous time and we get to ride a lot of rides because so many people leave the park.  So if we focus on the kids having fun and all the rides it becomes positive.   Yeah it still was a lot of money and we have wet socks and sneakers!

We’ve reframed reality, rather than changing it or denying reality.  I think that this can work for the small every day experiences.  I think that it would take a lot of effort to turn a major negative event into a positive.  That’s probably where a good psychologist comes in!

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