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Ribbing and Regrets

Fingerless Gloves have a certain innate coolness.  I’m knitting another pair, love them.   This pair is knit in a steel blue yarn that has slubs of orange and white in it.

Love the yarn. Hate the ribbing.

Unfortunately I will be frogging them.  What I mean is that I will rip them out.  Rip it, rip it, rip it gives you the term “Frog” or “Frogging.”  Why?  Because the ribbing really needs to be knit with  smaller sized needles than the body of the gloves.

KNIT TIP! When we knit one by one ribbing we are moving the yarn from front to back on every stitch and that creates lots of extra bulk. Even if the yarn itself isn’t bulky weight. Knitting stockinette stitch with the same exact needles and yarn would create a smooth and even fabric.

Sometimes the extra bulk is a nice design element.  Not with this yarn. It already has extra style because of the yarn slubs.

I just love how this yarn knits up and I know the Fingerless Gloves will be FAB if I rip it rip it rip it and reknit them.  I may even add a cable to the plain stockinet stitch.  Everyone loves cables! I plan to list the finished Fingerless Gloves in my Etsy shop; All Unwound.

Blue hand knit fingerless gloves with a cable up the back
The gloves look so much nicer with the correct needles and the cable.

Here they are, reknit with a cable up the back of the hand.  They match the Classic Cabled Cowl and would look FAB worn together.

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