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Round Bottom Knit Felted Bag

After I started knitting a round bag with a round bottom I learned that everyone knits round bags starting with a square or rectangular bottom.  I’m sure there are good reasons for this.  I’m also sure that I’m about to experience them.  My excitement  about being able to knit a circle with two sticks edged out any thinking about whether it was a good idea!

One thing I’ve noticed is that the round knitting is thinner than the sides of the bag.  It has

Round Bottom Lavender and Black Handknit Bag Before Felting

a more open lacy look, due to all the increases.  I may need to reinforce the bottom with an extra layer of knitting.  Or the felting process may take care of this.

The lavender and black yarns go together beautifully.  The lavender yarn travels up the side of the bag as I change colors, which reduces the number of tails that I need to weave in.  Of course I changed colors so that the new color joins smoothly, without a jagged color shift.  This makes the bag look neater.

I plan on folding over the top edges to make a channel for the I chord draw string.  Most knit bags that close with a drawstring have holes punched in the top of the bag and the I chord is threaded through those holes.  I’m now wondering if I should follow the herd or go for the unique closure.  🙂

This bag has taken many hours to knit which is the nature of knitting things to be felted.  It

Felted and still damp. Once it’s dry I will add the I cord closure.  Love the pleats!

may not even make it into All Unwound’s Etsy shop.  I  like it so much I might just keep it for myself, I just love the Lavender and Black combination.  It will take several days for this to be blocked and dried.  Then I will add  the I cord closure.

I think that knitting a circle with sticks takes a bit more time than knitting a rectangle, but I am happy with the results!

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  1. Avatar Memories for Life Scrapbooks says:

    Great color combination! I say go for a unique closure 🙂

  2. So how do you knit a circular bottomed bag? It looks awesome but I’m intrigued!

  3. Beautiful and I love the colors together. Those are the colors my daughter just decorated her new apartment with. She just moved 12 hours away from her mom 🙁

    I think you should keep it for yourself because you deserve a treat!

  4. Thanks everyone! Once this item is dry and finished I’ll post another photo. I’ll definitely be knitting something else in this color combination. 🙂

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