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Saved By The Izze

Izze by Artisan All Unwound
Izze, a photo by Artisan All Unwound on Flickr.

Have you heard of Izze? It’s a juice and sparkling water drink. A fruit soda, without any added sugars. I bought some as a treat for my kids the other day and it was a good thing I did.

When we came I home I decided to clean out the little drink fridge we have and put the Izze in there. Well it turns out the drink fridge had stopped working sometime earlier. The mini freezer had a lot of ice in it and that had all turned to water. The inside of the refrigerator was a bit wet. Happily none of it had leaked out and gotten on the nearby carpeting.

I’d like to put a photo of the fridge here but WordPress isn’t accepting the HTML or BBC code and actually posting the photo.  So here’s a link to my lovely mini fridge with paper towels on top of it and paper towels underneath it and paper towels inside it!  Mini Fridge

It took time and 2.5 rolls of paper towels to clean up the mess, but thanks to the Izze we quickly discovered the broken fridge. When problems are discovered quickly it’s easier to avoid lasting damage, so please go check your extra freezers and refrigerators to be sure they are working!

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  1. You are lucky you caught it! That did happen to me once too and I thought, what if that would have happened when we were out of town? Ours was hooked up to the waterline and something apparently happened and the waterline busted.

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