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Sneek Peek! Hand Knit Gifts

Hand Knit Gifts

Only three knitting days left before Christmas, counting today.  My Etsy shop, All Unwound has kept me very busy during November and December.  All of my knitting has been for the shop.  Sales finally slowed down this past weekend allowing  me to begin knitting some gifts for family members.

Yes I am in the middle of a last minute knitting frenzy!  If you are good at figuring out puzzles or collage photos you can see that I have several projects I’m working on.  You will see variegated yarn, marled yarn, heathered yarn and a solid yarn.  If you are very observant you’ll notice some single yarn knitting, double yarn knitting, and some felting has gone on this week.  My family has eclectic tastes.

Hanukkah has already begun, but not all gifts are given the first day.  Anyone else working to finish hand made gifts?

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    1. Thanks, yes it’s been a knitting frenzy. Good thing I enjoy knitting.

  1. Beautiful yarns! Your friends and family will be delighted to receive your hand knit gifts.

    My last handmade project (a lap quilt for my Uncle Bill) was mailed off via Priority Mail yesterday.
    I also made two tree skirts, a larger quilt, and some Barbie clothes. Now back to sewing for my little Etsy shop!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. LeAnn you’ve been VERY busy. Congrats on finishing all of that.

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