Jar with purple and multicolored hand knit spa washcloths AllUnwound.com
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Spa Washcloths and Bathroom Decor

Stack of purple and variegated hand knit spa washcloths on wood AllUnwound.com
Hand knit washcloths in purple and variegated yarns. 


What do Spa Washcloths have to do with bathroom décor? Let’s chat about that! A friend of mine moved recently and complained about the amount of space the spa bathtub takes up in her new bathroom. She doesn’t take long baths and a larger shower would work better for her. If we change it’s name and call it a “free standing tub,” it still takes up lots of space and attention in a bathroom.

Spa tub with gray towel and no decorations AllUnwound.com
Spa tub with no decorations. 

New homes continue to include spa bathtubs or freestanding tubs because large numbers of buyers want them. Changing that costs money. People aren’t willing to spend money to get rid of a feature that a future buyer might want. Realtor Weekly found that to be a valid concern.

The average bathroom remodel costs over 10,000 dollars in the United States, and that average includes powder rooms as well as large bathrooms. Redoing a large bathroom will easily cost over 15,000. So my friend put a couple of decorations on the tub and moved on to decorating the rest of her house. A wise and budget friendly choice!

Spa tub with grey towel, artificial plant and glass jar of hand knit spa washcloths AllUnwound.com
See how that tile join disappears!!


Why decorate a spa tub and what looks looks good around a spa tub? The spa tub is the first thing I notice when I walk into my bathroom. It deserves more than a few wet towels draped over it. Spa tubs became a thing in the 1980s, but I don’t want to be stuck in the fussy décor of the 1980s ! All those plants are just dust catchers.


I want it to look relaxing and inviting without the 1980s jungle feel. I bet you do too! That’s where décor choices make a difference.  My one artificial plant covers the corner where walls meet and the tiles are different sizes. Who says décor items can’t have a purpose? Note that I also kept the metal in my décor items close in color to the metal faucets in my bathroom. Using a drastically different color would make them stand out. I’m going for a relaxing vibe here.

Jar with purple and multicolored hand knit spa washcloths AllUnwound.com


Of course my hand knit spa washcloths take pride of place in decorating my tub. Pretty, indulgent and useful! Hand knit spa washcloths are easy to care for, no dusting needed!

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