Handmaiden Swiss Silk Hemlock Hitchhiker
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The Suddenly Single Skein of Yarn Handmaiden Yarns ball of olive ball of variegated
The variegated ball of yarn beside the solid olive ball of yarn Handmaiden Yarns 

I’ve decided to add more olive green to my wardrobe. I bought a pair of olive jeans, so many different cuts and shades are available. I got mine on sale. Of course, I immediately started searching for olive green yarn! A hand knit shawl would really help my new jeans blend with my existing wardrobe. That might sound like an excuse to buy yarn. Let’s not go there! Finding the right shade of green was a challenge. 

The Right Color

Computer monitors aren’t the best way to view the subtle differences in shades. Sometimes a knitter has to see the yarn in person. I searched several Local Yarn Stores (LYS) in person. Unfortunately I couldn’t find two skeins in the shade I was looking for, and a shawl requires two skeins. So, I bought two coordinating skeins of yarn. 

One skein is a solid olive green, the other is a variegated yarn with blue, teal, yellow-green, and olive in it. Bright sunlight brings out the yellow-green and it overshadows the olive. But I swear the olive is in there! When I was ready to start my project I rolled both skeins into balls, because they were the perfect shade of olive. KNIT TIP! Store your yarn in skeins, rolling it into balls or yarn cakes and storing it that way can cause the yarn to stretch.

Swiss Silk in Hemlock by Handmaiden Yarn on a pair of olive jeans
Swiss Silk in Hemlock by Handmaiden Yarn on a pair of olive jeans

A Single Skein Remains

Of course I immediately and unexpectedly found the perfect pattern for only one of the skeins,Eternidad. I am loving this pattern in solid olive.

That left the variegated skein of yarn unused. A single skein without a project! It’s been sitting by itself, all balled up and ready to be knit, for months. I keep looking at shawl patterns for it and liking ones where the designer recommends using a solid color. KNIT TIP! In knitting there is no perfection, but for best results follow the designer’s recommendations. They want you to be satisfied with your finished project.

One of the ways I destress is by browsing the “Hot Right Now” section of Ravelry patterns. Hitchhiker is consistently in the first few pages of that section. While I’ve considered knitting Hitchhiker before, I thought it was too similar to Wingspan. I’ve had difficulty wearing Wingspan. Happily, adding a shawl pin to Wingspan has made it much more wearable. Handmaiden Swiss Silk Hemlock Hitchhiker
The suddenly single skein 

What’s in a name, Hemlock!?

Hitchhiker looks like a stellar pattern for showing off a variegated skein of yarn. And a variegated scarf with olive will look great with my new jeans this fall. So even though I have many projects on my needles, I’ve cast on for Hitchhiker using Handmaiden Swiss Silk in Hemlock.

See how the yellow-green plate brings out the yellow in Hemlock? This color works well with others!
See how the yellow-green vintage Fiesta plate brings out the yellow in Hemlock? This color works well with others!
AllUnwound Swiss Silk Handmaiden yarn Hemlock looking very olive on green vintage Fiesta
Swiss Silk Handmaiden Fine Yarn in Hemlock looking very olive on green vintage Fiesta


Yes you read that right! Handmaiden Fine Yarn named this color after a deadly plant. An odd choice for a color name. Yet I picked this skein of yarn for the color, not for the name. And now this single skein has suddenly become a single skein project and hopefully a great wardrobe update.


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