Blue, green, and brown yarn and knitting projects separated into different bags inside a project bag
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Traveling with Knitting Projects

It’s that time of year. Time to hop in the car and spend a weekend at the beach or in the mountains.  Time to get on a plane and take a long vacation.  Yes, it’s Summertime!  🙂 Blue Felted hand knit bag
Here it is right after I felted it!


If I’m going away to visit friends for the weekend, or just going to the doctor’s office I always keep a project bag packed.  I have several different bags I use as project bags.  The longer the trip or the wait the larger the bag.

I have a smaller version of my Market Bag that I’ve been toting around town.  I also have a larger felted tote bag that I use for projects.  That’s it on the left!

Let’s take a peek inside my project bag.  What do you see?  That’s right more than one project!  I usually put each project into it’s own gallon size zip lock bag.  These bags can be reused or you can store your finished project in them until you give them away.  Plastic bags keep your knit items safe and you can easily see into them without opening them.  I’ve seen some really nifty looking bags for sale at yarn shops, but since they aren’t waterproof I’m sticking with my zip lock bags.

Greens Blues and Browns Ready to Knit


Each plastic bag has several things in it.  The pattern I plan on knitting, the yarn I’ll be using and knitting needles.  If I’m knitting with a new yarn I may need to take several different sized needles.  Why? Because the needle size used with one yarn may not work with another yarn!  check out Knitting Gauge Swatches  to see what I mean.

I also carry a small bag with the items I consider to be knitting essentials.  A small pair of scissors, a measuring tape, a crochet hook, and stitch markers.  If I am carrying my Felted Tote Bag I can fit all of this in and have room leftover for a purse.

If you are flying on an airplane in the United States check with the Transportation Security Administration for what’s allowed in carry on and what you’ll have to put in a checked bag.

What’s in your project bag?

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  1. Avatar Sandi Gill says:

    My project bag is a large quilted fabric bag. It includes plastic zippered bags for each yarn project. In a small cloth zippered bag, there are gadgets like tapestry needles, small scissors, a measuring tape, a crochet hook for missed stitches, markers, stitch holders, a pencil, and the like. I carry tissues, yarn I want to give to a fellow knitter, and a zippered plastic “recycled” bed sheet bag for “show & share” at knitting group. As you can see, sometimes a second project bag is needed!

    1. Sounds like you carry a bit more than I do. Of course as soon as you see that other knitter you’ll have less to carry! 🙂

  2. I always try to bring things with me when I know there will be a wait or some downtime. I took my laptop on my more recent vacation and was able to send people digital proofs of their items so when I got home everything was set to go 🙂

  3. Avatar Duni Buesken (@PeriDotbyDuni) says:

    Your project bag looks great! And using zip lock bags to keep everything inside organized is a fabulous idea! Although I can’t take my sewing projects with me I usually take along my laptop to keep on top of my websites 🙂

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