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Treasuries on Etsy

tsy is an online marketplace for hand made items.  Treasuries are a collection of 16 items that are put together by color or theme.  All items are chosen by Etsy members,  some Treasuries focus on the seasons and others display fun and unique items or vintage finds.

Since I’ve last posted about Treasuries All Unwound has been featured in FOUR more Treasuries!!  Please click and look.

My Eyeglass Case was in  I Spy Autumn  a wonderful collection with a vintage vibe to it.

Eyeglass Case Hand Knit Felted

My Watercolor Dreams Tote Bag that I hand knit and then felted was highlighted in Colors of Autumn, a Treasury that has some unique items in it.

Watercolor Dreams Tote Bag

My Cabled Fingerless Gloves were selected for this cool blue treasury, Fresh Shops.

Fingerless Gloves Cabled Hand Knit in a Blue Tweed

All Unwound’s Ecru Spa Washcloths were in Last Days of Summer a cool beautiful collection.

Two Hand Knit Ecru Spa Washcloths

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  1. Avatar MaryFaithPeace says:

    Creating with fiber is not my forte (being a beginner knitter) but I sure love to look at threads and creations made with them. Congratulations on being featured in Treasuries – I’m sure more are on the way for you. Followed you from EBT as I make my way thru some very interesting musings.

    1. Thank you. Treasuries are one of the ways Etsians show appreciation for hand made items. And I am always honored to be included.

    1. Thanks. I’ve gotta thing for cables so you may see more cables in my work soon. 🙂

  2. It’s a great feeling when someone includes you in a treasury. 4 in one week is fantastic – good work!

    1. Thanks! Yes, being included in a Treasury means that other people really like your work.

  3. So wonderful to be featured in treasuries, great way to get publicity:):) Your products are lovely:):)

  4. I love your blog. So many fun and informative things here.

    The fingerless gloves are so pretty. Funny because when I first saw them months ago I thought they were odd but now I see that they make so much sense! I like to wear gloves but those stupid fingers keep getting in my way. I’m liking them now and I think I see pair in my near future for my Indiana winters.

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