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Uppity Blues Woman Ann Rabson Dead at 67

Ann Rabson by kenficara

Ann Rabson

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This week I was saddened to read about the death of Ann Rabson. She was a founding member of the trio Uppity Blues Women. She sang, composed music and played the piano and guitar in the blues music style.

She was only 67 at the time of her death and that seems so young, since her mother lived into her 90s. I was introduced to Ann Rabson and her music by her mother, Dr. Alice Rabson many years ago. Ann Rabson’s mother was proud of her and her accomplishments and gave me one of Saffire’s early albums.

I’ve enjoyed listening to the Uppity Blues Women over the years. The world has lost a talented musician. If you haven’t heard their music you should check it out. Here is her obituary from the  Washington Post .

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  1. I love Blues music. How sad that she passed away relatively young. Was she ill?

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