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Walking Update For August and September

I still try to wear it every day!

I’ve had more days where I’ve forgotten to wear my  pedometer these two months. But I’m still trying to keep track of my steps every day.  For August I managed to wear my pedometer for a full 22 days.  I continued to  exercise regularly in August and my average number of steps per day was 10,524!!

Thanks to upping the length of my exercise walk and few shopping trips with teenagers I’ve taken an amazing number of steps in August.  Exceeding my goal of 8,000 average steps per day!

In September I continued to exercise regularly but missed a few days.  Out of 23 days I wore my pedometer for 11 full days.  I took an average of 7,586 steps per day.

This result clearly shows that regular exercise is very important in keeping my average number of steps high.  It also shows that “back to school shopping” with teenagers is an exercise regime of it’s own! 😉

Another positive note is that I’ve increased how much water I drink each day.  I plan to continue drinking extra water as we enter Fall.  There are a few more days left in September and I might just walk a bit extra in an attempt to up my average steps per day. Keeping track of my steps does provide motivation.

October should bring cooler weather, making outdoor exercise more pleasant.  I also hope the passage of time allows my body to adjust to the earlier wake up time that September brought.  A lack of sleep shows in my lack of desire for early morning exercise.

Are you still keeping track of your New Year’s Resolutions?

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  1. Congratulations for staying on track! I’m right there with you. It’s nice to know that I’m not on this road alone. I’ve been doing it for a couple months and I feel so much better!

    1. Thanks! I am glad we are virtually doing this together. Exercise does help a bit with stress. Congrats on your own determination to exercise!!

  2. Avatar Paige @ Little Nostalgia says:

    It sounds like you’ve been doing really well overall! I kind of fell off the wagon with yoga after we moved and I’m still not back on track. And my back is sore because of it! At least that’s a good motivator…

    1. Thanks, I find that it’s a struggle to keep at it but the pedometer is a good motivator. Hope you recover from the move and find your motivation!

  3. Keep up the good work. August was an awesome month and I hope your end results for September are great too!

  4. good for you to keep up your walking! good luck for the future {:-Deb

  5. Avatar Duni Buesken (@PeriDotbyDuni) says:

    You’re very disciplined indeed! I seem to wake up later these days. I’m SO not a winter person 😉
    best wishes, Duni

    1. Not really! I’m trying to be disciplined about this and Winter here means nice weather. 🙂

  6. i can’t even find my pedometer. i’ll blame it on our moving (almost a year ago now!) but you’ve inspired me to find it!

    1. I hope you find it! It always helps to have another source of motivation.

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