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Walking Update for October

My walking shoes hang out with the Fall decor!

I made more of an effort to wear my pedometer daily in October. I wore it for 27 out of 31 days.  Unfortunately my life was very hectic and I wasn’t able to focus on increasing my steps walked per day. I was aware of my steps though because I made it a priority to wear the pedometer. I did make an effort to drink more water and was successful for the first two thirds of the month. I am still struggling with getting enough sleep and will make that a priority for November.

As you can see from my recipe posts I am continuing to work on eating healthy.  One day that meant I took myself out to lunch and got a really tasty salad! 🙂

 Shape Up America, a nonprofit founded by former US Surgeon General K. Everett Koop, recommends that people walk 10, 000 steps a day for optimum health.  How am I doing?  I walked an average of 8,552 steps per day in October!!  This compares favorably to August and September.  While my hectic life made it impossible to exercise as regularly as I did in August, I was able to increase my average steps per day significantly over September.

Pumpkins! Yes one is half orange and half green.  Click for a closer look.

For November I will focus on getting enough sleep, drinking extra water and reaching a goal of 9,000 average steps per day.  To hit that number of average steps I’ll need to walk more often.  I’m also going give my kids the few leftover pieces of Halloween candy, rather than eating them myself!

Are you still consciously working toward your 2012 New Year’s Resolutions?

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  1. Yes, I can’t wait to start walking again. Maybe I need to get a pedometer too! {:-D

  2. You’re so close to your goal of 9,000 steps…I bet you’ll get there in November 🙂
    And eating right and drinking lots of water are good healthy steps too.

  3. Good for you! I need to walk more. It used to just be a fact of every day commuting before we moved (we didn’t own a car and walked/took metro everywhere). But now, I realize that walking will have to be planned, and I need to make time for it…not just for my health…I do some of my best thinking and problem solving when I walk. 🙂

    1. I’m sure it’s easier to get a walk in when you have stores or the Metro to walk to! Good luck fitting walking into your new lifestyle.

  4. I do love this post! Yes, I’m still on track. I’ve finally reached a point where I don’t have to think about is so much, I just do it naturally. I’ve lived that way most of my life so I find it unsettling that I got out of my good habits to begin with. But do know that I’m with you on this. I’ve been watching what I eat, and I workout 5 days a week. I wish everyone knew how good it can make you feel!

    1. I think you are ahead of me on this Sher!! I don’t know why it’s so easy to fall out of good habits and so easy to pick up bad ones. But we are both on the right track now!

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