Pigs on Urban Trail Asheville, NC, USA

Weekend Get Away – Asheville, NC, USA Pigs on Urban Trail Asheville, NC, USA
Pigs on The Urban Trail Asheville, NC

Have you picked your location yet? A weekend getaway can help you break out of your regular routine and view things in a fresh new way. With a little planning you will be able to travel as soon as restrictions are lifted in your area. Refer to my basic tips for planning a weekend getaway to get started.

Weekend Getaway Questions to Ask Yourself

  • City, mountains, or water?
  • Hotel, hostel, or cabin?
  • Restaurants, grocery stores, or packed meals?


While I suggest keeping your travel time to half a day, use your imagination to expand your options. We spent a lovely weekend getaway in Savannah, Georgia, USA one year because we were already in the area for another reason. Mast General Store Asheville, NC, USA
Mast General Store Asheville, NC

Important Tips

Check on the travel restrictions in your area before you make plans to travel. Many places now require face masks, find out what the Corona Virus restrictions are at your travel destination. Check out the local news to see what’s going on. Berlin, Germany recently had rowdy protests over Corona Virus restrictions. Be sure you’re comfortable with the current climate in the place you’re planning to visit. For tourist activities, the local travel sites are updated regularly. Hours may be limited due to the Corona Virus or the drop in tourism. If you want to see something, be sure it’s open the dates of your weekend getaway. Mountain view Asheville, NC, USA
Mountain views

Some events don’t require any planning at all. While walking in downtown Asheville we wandered into a Friends of the Library book sale. That’s the beauty of including time in your weekend just to explore. You never know when you’ll be able to participate in the local culture.

Three things we really enjoyed in Asheville, NC, USA

  1. Walking in the downtown area, there are many local small shops, cafes, and Art Deco buildings.
  2. The Biltmore Estate see how ultra rich fans of technology lived in the 1890’s.
  3. The Appalachian Craft Center sells and displays art from throughout the region.


Asheville, North Carolina, USA is a small city set in a mountainous region. It’s a walkable city, but you’ll want a car to explore the local area. The weather may be cooler than what you’re used to simply because of the elevation. Even if you took my advice and only traveled a half day to get there, the mountains have an impact on the local weather. Be sure to bring a light sweater or a hand knit scarf for evenings and indoor air conditioning.

Don’t miss the Asheville Urban Trail as you explore the downtown.  It’s got some interesting artwork. The Biltmore Estate limits visitors, so some days they run out of  tickets. Avoid disappointment and purchase your tickets online before your trip. You will need a car to get to the estate. Another great place to explore is the Appalachian Craft Center. Many handmade items, everything from wall hangings to hand carved Christmas ornaments are available. It showcases an amazing range of artists. sometimes they even have hand spun yarn!

Have you picked a place for your weekend getaway? Asheville, North Carolina is a great option! Where are you headed?

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