Weekend Get Away – Copenhagen, Denmark

Multicolored buildings in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark

Anyone can enjoy a weekend getaway in historic Copenhagen, Denmark! Weekend getaways are all about lowering your stress level, and taking a break from your daily routine. Plan ahead and you’ll be ready to leave home as soon as travel restrictions are lifted. 

Looking for basic tips on planning a weekend getaway? For additional tips check out the other post in this series.

Try something new! 

What’s your travel style? Change it up and try something new.  Explore your transportation options. Take a car, train or airplane to your location. The Inter City Express trains make much of Europe accessible. A short plane ride can increase your options for a weekend getaway. 

Do you usually stay in a hotel? Consider trying a Hostel. Hostels offer great downtown locations and many have a basic restaurant on site. Check out a few restaurants in advance and see if their hours have been changed due to the Corona Virus or the drop in tourism.

If you’ve picked a city, try to rent a room in a central location to save on transportation costs. Another good way to save money is to buy a  Copenhagen Card.  It gives you admission to the most popular tourist sites and free public transportation. It’s unavailable at certain times of the year. Plan ahead! See if they offer a card like this in the city you’ve picked for your weekend getaway.

Important Tips

Double check travel restrictions before you make reservations! Are they allowing tourists from your country? If your preferred location requires that tourists quarantine then pick another country or region. Make sure your passport is up to date. Check the local news and see what’s going on in that area. Berlin, Germany recently had rowdy protests over Corona Virus restrictions. You need to be comfortable with the current climate in the place you plan to travel. Round Tower View of Copenhagen, Denmark
Round Tower view of Copenhagen, Denmark

Things to do on your weekend getaway

Denmark is one of the oldest monarchies in the world. A visit to a palace is a must while you’re in town. Amalienborg Palace is right downtown. If you’re interested in the Crown Jewels then Rosenborg Castle is the one for you! King’s Garden is nearby.

Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park in the middle of downtown Copenhagen. It’s one of the oldest amusement parks in the world and worth a visit. Tivoli combines amusement park rides with evening  music concerts. 

If you enjoy shopping Stroget is a must visit. It’s a 1.1 kilometre long pedestrian only street with a variety of shops, many high end brands are represented. 

Three things we really enjoyed in Copenhagen, Denmark

  1. The Round Tower, the oldest functioning Observatory in Europe. The great view of the city is worth the climb.
  2. King’s Garden we relaxed and listened to a music concert.
  3. Nyhaven, or New Harbor is a popular evening hangout. We brought our own beer and sat at the edge of the water. Another evening we had dinner at Heering Restaurant our table was outside next to the harbor. Rosenborg Castle Copenhagen, Denmark
Rosenborg Castle Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark is a modern city in Northern Europe and transportation is very efficient. Many famous sites, such as the National Museum are within walking distance of the downtown area. The sidewalks are uneven and you will need comfortable walking shoes. The weather can be cool, even during the summer, be sure to pack a light sweater and hand knit scarf!

Are you ready to enjoy a weekend getaway? Where will you go first?

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