Savannah, GA city hall flying US flags
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Weekend Get Away – Savannah, Georgia, USA Savannah, GA city hall flying US flags Weekend Getaway
Savannah, Georgia, USA city hall an imposing building

Travel to exotic far away lands has been shut down by the global pandemic. Sometimes I just want a break from my routine, a getaway. Traveling to the grocery store and pharmacy just isn’t doing it for me!

I bet it’s not enough for you either. When the world opens back up it will be in stages. I have a plan for taking advantage of that. The weekend getaway!

Planning your Weekend Getaway

Now’s the time to plan out your future weekend getaway. If you’ve got it planned out you can jump into travel as soon as the first stages of opening start. Of course you’ll take whatever health precautions you’re comfortable with! Check with your doctor if you’re unsure. See if your passport is up to date. If not, update it to expand your travel options. Savannah, GA City Square with fountain, oak tree and Spanish moss Weekend Getaway
One of Savannah’s many beautiful city squares.

Let’s Get Started Planning your Weekend Getaway!

  1. Take a few vacation days and add them to a weekend. Three to four days is always better than two.
  2. Limit yourself to half a day’s travel time. Your weekend getaway time is precious! You want to use it for relaxation, not transportation.
  3. Pick out a few places you want to see. Maybe city hall or a museum.
  4. Scope out a good hotel or hostel. What are their reopening plans?

Important tips

Check the local news and see what’s going on in that city. Berlin, Germany recently had rowdy protests over Corona Virus restrictions. Be sure you’re comfortable with the current climate in the place your planning to travel. Next, go ahead and make reservations, if your hotel is accepting them now. Be sure to get a refundable room just in case you need to cancel your plans. If the hotel has a restaurant ask if they’ll be open on your travel dates. Savannah, GA City Market brick building and clock Weekend Getaway
The Savannah City Market has many restaurants nearby.

In addition, check out the local restaurants and their schedules. They may be open different hours due to the drop in tourism. For instance, one restaurant near me has decided to close every day in the middle of the afternoon. You’d hate to arrive in a city and find out that most restaurants are closed. If you know before you go, you can plan ahead. Many cities have visitor websites that keep up with all the changes, Savannah, Georgia has one. Belford Savannah, GA restaurant Weekend Getaway patio seating
Outside seating at Belford’s Savannah

Three things we really enjoyed in Savannah, Georgia

  1. Eating out! For breakfast Goose Feathers Cafe is a must try. For a fancy dinner with great service it’s Belford’s Savannah .
  2. Culture! The American Prohibition Museum is a must see. Don’t forget to stop in at the bar at the end of your tour.
  3. Walking down Historic River Street. Yes those stairs are steep, but it’s worth it. Watch the river traffic while you eat lunch and buy saltwater taffy for dessert! Speakeasy sign Savannah GA Weekend Getaway
This way to the Speakeasy!

Savannah, Georgia, USA is a quaint historic city in the southern part of the country. It was designed with twenty-two squares in the historic area. These squares are mini parks within the city. It’s very enjoyable to sit and relax among the flowers and watch the city swirl by. I’ve found it to be a very walkable city, and enjoy exploring it on foot. But, there are cobblestones and uneven pavement everywhere so pack some walking shoes! It’s a humid and hot climate yet, in the evening you may need a sweater or shawl to protect you from restaurant air conditioning. Historic Steps in Savannah GA Weekend Getaway
These steps go to Historic River Street, and come with a warning. They are very steep and uneven.

What to Pack!

  1. Pack your knitting, but leave some room for new purchases. The local yarn store will be happy to see you!
  2. All necessary toiletries, don’t forget any medications you take regularly.
  3. Keep your wardrobe as minimal as possible. Add variety with a hand knit scarf! A smaller suitcase will be easier to manage.
  4. Add second pair of shoes, or boots depending on your destination. ball of coral tape yarn Frayed Knot Savannah, GA
A ball of coral tape yarn I bought at the Frayed Knot in Savannah, GA

This coral ribbon yarn is only one of the great yarn choices at the Frayed Knot in Savannah, Georgia. It’s one of several things I’ve bought there. Supporting local small businesses is always a good thing, and much needed since the shut downs caused by the global pandemic.

Now it’s time to get started! Tell me about the place you’ve picked for your first Weekend Getaway.


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