Mountains and clouds, Tucson, Arizona

Weekend Get Away – Tucson, Arizona, USA

Have you planned your weekend get away yet? What are you waiting for? Basic tips and more detailed tips on planning your weekend get away. Limit your travel time to half a day, but consider a short airplane flight to increase the number of places you can travel to. 

Cacti at Tuscon Arizona airport
Cacti greeted us at the Tucson airport 

Important Tips

Tucson, Arizona has a higher crime rate than other cities of similar size in the United States. Most of this crime is property theft. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Lock your car and don’t leave anything valuable in it. Yup, you already know you should do this everywhere! Double check travel restrictions before you make your reservation. Are they allowing tourists from your state or region, with no quarantine? If not pick another location. Check the local news and see what’s going on in that area. Berlin, Germany continues to have rowdy protests over Corona Virus restrictions. You need to be comfortable with the current climate in the place you’re going. If you are traveling by airplane check out their website for updates. You want to know about their rules before you show up at the departure gate!

Tuscon, Arizona palm trees with mountains while driving on a highway
Palm trees and mountains together!

Things to do on your Weekend Get Away

The airport is very close to the city but you will want to rent a car and explore the surrounding area. We avoided parking tickets and confusion about parking rules by parking in a parking garage when visiting downtown Tucson.

Tuscon, Arizona winding road craggy hills and cacti
Roads wind around craggy hills dotted with cacti.

Tucson is a sprawling city surrounded by mountains that’s divided into six districts. Some districts are much more suburban than others. Decide which ones you’d like to explore. We did most of our exploring in the urban areas. Tucson has great outdoor dinning options. We enjoyed a lovely lunch on a restaurant patio. Watching city life surrounded by mountains was a new experience. A visit to the eclectic shops in the public market, Mercado San Agustin, was fun. There is a coffee place and a bakery to keep the non shoppers entertained.

Tucson is a city in the midst of the desert. So get out there and explore the unique landscape of the area. It looks like a totally alien landscape to me. Don’t forget to take the mandatory photo of yourself with a saguaro cactus! If you aren’t going hiking in one of the parks there are a few saguaro cacti right downtown.

Another unique part of Tucson is the Airplane Boneyard at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. It’s enormous, and open to the public by appointment. Call ahead if you’re interested in airplanes.

Mountains and clouds, Tuscon, Arizona
 View from our hotel room Tucson, AZ

Three things we really enjoyed doing in Tucson, AZ, USA

  1. Hiking in Saguaro National Park
  2. Walking through the Sam Hughes neighborhood. It’s a National Historic District and many homes have interesting architecture.
  3. Bookmans a local super sized used bookstore chain, they have almost everything.

Tucson is a medium sized city with a large metropolitan area in the southwest part of the United States. It’s home to the University of Arizona. The approximately thirty-four thousand students have an impact on the shops and restaurants available near the university. 

The climate is pleasant but the temperature can fall twenty degrees in the evening. Bring a light sweater and hand knit scarf with you for evenings. Parts of the city are walkable but you will want a car to explore the surrounding area. The parks just outside the city really show off the wild and alien landscape.  Pack sturdy walking or hiking shoes for exploring the rocky parks and overlooks. Don’t forget to take a photo of yourself with a saguaro cactus!

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