Hitchhiker Shawl in Vintage Blue Fiesta Bowl
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What’s On My Needles; Hitchhiker Shawl in Hemlock

Hemlock Swiss Silk, a Suddenly Single Skein of Yarn found a match with the Hitchhiker Shawl pattern by Martina Behm. This color is a variegated yarn, in Swiss Silk by Handmaiden Fine Yarn. Hitchhiker Shawl in Vintage Blue Fiesta Bowl
Hemlock Hitchhiker Shawl in Vintage Blue Fiesta Bowl

The Hitchhiker shawl is so popular it’s hard to believe I’ve never knit it before. You do need to pay attention to what row you’re on while knitting it. I used a sticky note and marked off each row as I finished it. So, it’s not completely mindless knitting. To simplify it, add a sticky note and a pencil to your supply list!

A negative and a positive is that Hitchhiker’s mostly garter stitch. It shows off a variegated skein of yarn very nicely! The pattern can be purchased on Ravelry or directly from Martina Behm’s site .

In addition to the Hemlock colorway I used 37 grams of Handmaiden Yarn Sea Silk in the color Cedar. It was leftover from another project. I added the Cedar starting with section number 35. So this shawl used almost 137 grams of yarn. There was a knot in the Swiss Silk that I cut out so that reduced my yardage. Hitchhiker Shawl in Hemlock colorway weaving in ends on vintage Fiesta plate
Weaving in the ends of Hitchhiker shawl in Hemlock colorway.

By the end of this project I was knitting hours every day on it. I was driven by wanting to see how alternating the Cedar and the Hemlock would look, and it became a bit of an obsession. I wasn’t disappointed and now I have a great shawl ready for cooler weather!

The Hemlock Hitchhiker Shawl was an enjoyable knit and small enough to knit while out and about.

KNIT TIP! Add or change colors at the edge of your work, not in the middle of a row. This makes the body of projects neater, because tension can change when you change yarns. It also hides the woven in ends.


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