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What’s Your Style?

Living Room by PlayfulLibrarian
Living Room, a photo by PlayfulLibrarian on Flickr.

Goth? Boho? Shabby Cottage? Industrial? Etsy is starting a new thing. Sellers can select a style when listing their items.

I walked through Pottery Barn the other day and left without buying anything. I could have spent thousands of dollars though. Their items work well with their items, which means more sales. If I had to say what style Pottery Barn is I’d say it’s become it’s own style. Sometimes I check out the legs of the wood tables and can see that they are traditional or modern or county. But all their items work together, they’ve been refining their style through the years.

I have a friend that HATES Pottery Barn because it’s “just reproductions” and not real antique or old furniture.  In fact many times Pottery Barn just mimics older styles.

I understand wanting to buy quality items rather than mass produced junk.  But those quality antiques were once the common mass produced items of their day.  I passed right by a lovely metal gear display at Pottery Barn knowing that the “real thing” is available for sale on Etsy.  I simply did a search in the Vintage section for “industrial gear,” here are the results.  Even in this search there are different styles listed, such as Steam Punk and Industrial.

My style?  I love old world European but I also love Asian.  I like traditional but yearn for the clean lines of contemporary.  And I really liked those metal gears.  So maybe Transitional Ethnic European Industrial?  You are welcome to check out my Etsy shop and give me some style name suggestions!

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